Friday, March 30, 2012

Crochet Spring Flowers

So clearly I'm really excited about spring being here because I've been crocheting flowers like a crazy lady. I planted lots of flowers today too around the house but I didn't have my camera with me because I had paint all over my hands (we'll get to that in a minute).

I made one to embellish the cropped cardigan my daughter will wear over her Easter dress and two different ones for a white beaded necklace I have. I can't decide which flower color I like best. What do you think? I kind of, sort of followed this pattern. Kind of.

I needed to make a spring-like smart phone case too because the gray one I had made was a bit dreary for this time of year. (I still need to find a button for it.)

Hot pink makes me smile. :)

Okay so I didn't make yogurt today like I said I was going to, but I have a legitimate excuse. My friend  just had a baby girl last week and I wanted to stop by and  bring her a meal and get some baby snuggles in so I didn't have time to make yogurt. See, I told you I had an excuse.

We did work on potty training though for a bit today. Uhmmmm, it wasn't exactly how I envisioned it, but I guess one could call it potty training. It consisted of my two year old taking off all his clothes while outside playing and peeing in the duck pool. No ducks were harmed during this process.

I was painting the new fence Micah had just put up and didn't run over in time to stop his 'potty training'. He thought it was hilarious though so maybe we should hold our potty training lessons outside???

Despite the interruption, I managed to finish painting the fence. Now let's hope Micah put those bottom two boards close enough together so the chickens stay out and the baby goats stay in!

Have a good weekend!

~ Sarah ~

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