Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dryer Balls (And Some Randomness)

Holy Thunderstorm!!! We've had major rain these past few days. I had taken the kids to see The Lorax (which by the way was THE CUTEST movie eva!) with a gift card that we won to Regal and we got stuck in the rain, so I decided to kill some time at Jo-Ann fabric to let the storm pass a little bit.

Oh poor me. :)

No but really, it was heavenly.

I mean, have you been in Jo-Ann's lately?

I only needed to get a few things, but I was lost in all the fun crafts that I could potentially do with the kids. Anyway, I behaved  and I only picked up the items I needed, one being Plaster of Paris to repair my daughter's desk. It's an antique school desk and it's not in the best of condition but I'm really hoping I can bring it back to life. I'll show you the finished project soon (I hope).

The seeds are coming up up. I was worried the ones we started would be an epic fail since I let my 5 year old start them and her idea of one or two seeds per hole was more like a handful of seeds. :)  I still have plenty more seed packets and I'm confident we'll have a much bigger, more successful garden this year.

Oh hot pink, how I love thee!

We had dinner with some old friends this weekend and we had a visit with my mom and step-dad today, so it was a great weekend! I love it when I see my mom because she passes on all her crochet-ing knowledge and I needed her advice/help with how to finish this handbag I'm working on with a shell border. I'm praying I'll finish it tonight.

 We'll see.

Any-way, I made some dyer balls and supposedly they cut down on drying time and eliminate the need for dryer sheets (which are full of harsh chemicals.) I thought I'd give them a go and I'm very happy with the result paired with the fabric softener I've been making.

They're super easy, but you have to be sure to use WOOL yarn, otherwise it will not felt ( I tried it with acrylic and it was a big fat mess). And this is a great project to use up leftovers.

Before first felting

Start your ball by wrapping it around your fingers a few times and then pulling them out. Then just start wrapping your yarn around to form a ball. Once you have a nice little ball, you'll want to felt it. Throw it in old pantyhose and tie off securely. It's best if you can wash it on hot with your load of clothes, but it will work if you do it on a lower temperature. Throw in the dryer and repeat this entire process two more times (so you have three layers of felted yarn that you have washed and dried three times) until your ball is about 8 inches in diameter.

Prior to second felting

The balls will felt more as you use them so a few washes should  be sufficient.

I hope you had a great weekend too! Fingers crossed we actually get the snow tomorrow that they're calling for. :)

~ Sarah ~

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