Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy (Early) St. Patrick's Day!

This is my favorite day to celebrate aside from Christmas. We'll be on a day trip tomorrow to the Maple Festival, so we had to celebrate today, and what a blast we had. :)

I sent the kiddies off to school making sure they were wearing their green. Please pay no attention to my 2 year old's frown. He's not a morning person.

And I stayed up entirely too late last night crocheting a hair bow for my little girl. She's into stuff like this (okay, and so am I). I rummaged through my craft cabinet last night and found some clover ribbon and hot glued it to the barrette.

I considered making this for dinner, but I decided on a big green salad with grilled shrimp instead. I made the kids ham sandwiches  too since they aren't huge salad fans, and there is an imprint of a clover on the sandwich, though it's not very clear in the photo. Green milk and green cucumbers rounded out their plates. Are you sensing a theme here?

And we finished off the night with green ice cream. I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow and have a great weekend.

Oh, and Lucky Irish wants to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day too!

~ Sarah ~

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