Monday, March 5, 2012

More Snow Day Fun!

Yay! We had an un-expected 3 day weekend when I got a call at 5:45 this morning saying that schools were delayed, and then another call an hour later saying that school was cancelled. Woot woot!

Sadly, we all went back to bed for some much needed rest (we're all fighting colds and sniffles) and missed most of the snow. When we all bounded down the stairs at nine(ish) the snow was already beginning  to melt.

That's okay though, it was pretty too look at through the window with my mug of coffee even if it was a big muddy mess.

The kids were so good today entertaining themselves with dress-up and board games and coloring. I had time to hang out on the couch with some good ole country music playing in the background and I was able to finish the handbag I started a few days ago!

I didn't follow a pattern, and I kind of wish I would have, but for my first attempt ever, I'm pleased with the result. I found a bag strap at Jo-Ann's the other day for $6 and I only used half a skein of yarn for $2.99. So not bad, a cute nifty handbag for less that 10 bucks. I'm considering creating a pocket somehow and I still have plenty of yarn left to do so, but my brain hurts too much to try and figure that out right now

I added a fun spring flower and voila!

I didn't get a chance to do anything to my daughter's room today but I did make these fun shirts for my boys. It's just a metallic iron-on. It was very easy to do and I already had the shirts (don't you love easy, cheap crafts?) I have a horse iron-on my for daughter but  I still need to find her a plain t-shirt.

I'm finishing up some homework and then hunkering down for the evening with hot cocoa and a good book. Hope you enjoyed this snow day too! :)

~ Sarah ~

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