Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Kids On The Block

No, no, not the boy band.

Meet the new kids on our farm and their mama! They are French Alpines and I have fallen in love with them already. It was quite a drive to pick them up, but they were well worth it. My little man and I went to this amazing little dairy farm where she makes specialty cheeses and soaps and lotions. It's very inspiring all the things she is creating and I feel like I need to kick it into high gear and create more for my family. On tomorrow's agenda: yogurt making. And potty training. And I'm infinitely more excited about yogurt making.

Anyway, the doe in milk, Rhubarb, is just a sweetie and I have been separating the two kids from Rhubarb at night so that I can milk her first thing in the morning and then I put them back with her so they can nurse to their hearts content throughout the day.

It's hard getting anything done around here though with these cuties playing about! But yes, I will make yogurt tomorrow.

I can't say the same for potty training.

Right. And keeping with the Irish themed names, meet little Blair (a Celtic word meaning 'from the plain')! I know, I know, why the Irish names, but I have a theme going, and I have to stick with it. Sadly I will not be naming the buckling as he is going to my dear friends house next week. :(  The goat kids were a package deal with their mom so I brought him home knowing that I could not keep him. The good thing is that he's going to a great home and he'll be just up the road from us.

We also had a new kid born just a few hours ago by Fallon our black Mini Aline. I had her tethered out in the field (to give the pasture a rest) and the next thing I know she's pushing a little black goat out. I haven't decided on a name yet for the little doeling but she is proving to be very lively already and Fallon is making an excellent first time mom.

And dear me, please ignore the filthy white gate in the background. I knew white would be a difficult color to keep clean.

And in speaking of new kids, there's new bunnies too! I told you how I had a heart to heart with one of our Havana meat rabbits the other day and that if she didn't have a successful litter she was going to wind up on the dinner table. Well she got the message because when I went to feed her this morning I saw the rise and fall of breaths under this big pile of fur. I didn't dare touch the fur to count how many (she may reject the kits if my scent is on the fur) but my guess is that there is at least three. I'll know for sure soon as they become mobile very fast.

And I had to add these photos too, my little man and my little girl sat on Lucky Irish for a bit this afternoon for the first time. We're making progress with him!

So much excitement around here lately. Except for potty training. That's not exciting. :)

~ Sarah ~


  1. Congrats on all the kids! And bunnies! We had twin lambs born today too! Another ewe had a lamb that was born dead. They were out there when I got home so I don't know if the mama had trouble delivering (she's just a year old) or if the lamb was born dead or if something happened to her after she was born. It was so sad. She's been bleating for her baby tonight. We had bunnies born this week too. I'm glad your rabbit obeyed and delivered her babies properly! I'll talk to you tomorrow.


  2. Awww congrats on the new goats! Alpines are by far my favorite breed..... I've dabbled in other breeds, but Alpines are my focus & will forever be my favorite.

    And your new ones are one of my favorite colors "Cou Blanc" (black hind quarters, white neck). :)

    Seems to be a busy time for you with all the lil ones! Enjoy!! :)


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