Friday, March 23, 2012

A Simple Request Part Deux

Soooo, on our way down to the beach this week I had time to crochet a sun-glass holder. My glasses always seem to get scratched and bent and broke, so I'm hoping that this little simple case will increase their longevity. Maybe.

Anyway, when we came home from our mini trip my hubby got right to work piecing together my daughter's simple request.

He's such a good dad. :)

Now our little girl is a horse LOVER and we wanted to create something that mirrored a barn door. Yes, I said barn door. Ironically enough our boy's room has a door that resembles what you might see in a barn as well, so it worked out great that they would match. The boys door needed a fresh coat of paint too and while we were re-doing things, my hubby went ahead and replaced his door latch as well to match our daughter's.

This is my little girl's door. I LOVE it, it's brand new but it looks really old. The best part of these door 'knobs' is that they can be opened from either side but they can't be locked. They only set us back twelve dollars too!

The door to our boy's room

I gave both doors a fresh coat of white paint and there you go.

I've got one happy little girl, two trays of homemade fruit roll-ups drying in my dehydrator, venison in the fridge marinading for tomorrow's jerky making, the television all to myself right now, and I just finished up a sign for my little girl's new door (which I'll show you tomorrow).  I'd say today has been wonderful. :)

~ Sarah ~

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