Friday, April 13, 2012

The Garden And Four New Friends

And spring break is coming to a close....

It went by entirely too fast and I am sooo looking forward to summer when I can have my babies around all the time, but for now I enjoyed the week we were able to spend together as a family.

Other than a quick trip to the beach to visit Micah's parents and a night out at the movies, we didn't really do anything per se. But we were very productive around the house. I tilled up two more raised beds and got spinach, radishes, lettuce and more broccoli planted. The two front beds have onions, shallots, and garlic peeking through the ground and so far the asparagus seems to be doing well. This is my first time planting asparagus (ever) so I kind have no idea what I'm doing, but fingers crossed we have some type of harvest.

I planted more french lavender to use in my soaps. Can't wait for these to bloom!

The broilers and laying pullets came out of the brooder box now that the weather is warmer and they are feathered out. Micah built a new tractor for the broilers since they are so much bigger that the pullets and we move them every morning so they have a fresh spot of grass (with new bugs) to destroy turn up.

A brave rabbit who has left the nest to explore

The three remaining piglets are nice and fat and round and sadly we lost a rabbit, but we have nine left and they are growing like weeds. I have another meat rabbit, Heidi, that should kindle in two weeks so I am anxious to see how large her litter is.

I finally named Fallon's little doeling. I was hesitant to name her as I wasn't sure if we were going to keep her, but we are (meaning I talked Micah into it) and my little girl picked out the name. We're calling her Fauna. She was one of the good fairies from the movie Sleeping Beauty and it fits since her mother's name starts with an F.

The best part of the week (other than my kiddies being home and the field trip we had come visit) was that we brought these guys home!

They are straight run (we don't know yet if they are hens or drakes) but I'm ecstatic! My daughter has already named them Cinderella, Rose, Captain America, and Spiderman. If Captain America and Spiderman really are boys, well, errr, uh.... they're going to be dinner.

But we don't have to get into that right now.

For the moment, they are just the cutest things ever and I'm not going to think about the possibility that we'll have to eat one, or two.

That's it for now, hope you had a great week!

~ Sarah ~

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