Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Day Was Weirder Than Yours

You know how you make lists for yourself to accomplish each day and you can sleep good at night when you've accomplished all those things?

Or is that just me.

Well today I got exactly nothing accomplished, well that's not entirely true. I boiled four chickens down that we raised and shredded the meat for quick and easy meals later on. So, okay, I accomplished one task. I did have an eventful day though. Would you like to hear about it?


I overslept to start off. I really need to invest in a louder alarm. Anyway, so I didn't have time to make the kids eggs and sent them off with a breakfast of Frosted Flakes, then my daughter ended up staying home from school anyway because she was complaining of a headache. I am paranoid when it comes to headaches, so she may even stay home again tomorrow. We'll see.

It rained all last night and yesterday so the ground was nice and damp and would have been very easy to work. I had planned on planting the parsnips today and raking the garden area nice and smooth, but alas that didn't happen.

As I was out feeding the livestock this morning I saw Brooks, our female Rottweiler, jump up and catch a gray squirrel in her mouth and bite it's head off.

Uhm gross.

I have never seen our dogs do anything like this before. I mean they'll chase the cats, but they've never bit them or shown any interest in any of the farm animals.

I had half a mind to pick up the squirrel and make squirrel stew again, but I need three for that recipe and the two people in our family who know how to skin and gut animals were at either school or work. So I picked Mr. Gray Squirrel up and fed him to our hog who happily gobbled him up. He's heading off to the butcher soon so the bigger the better for him. Hhmm bacon.

As I was coming back inside from the morning chores I nearly stepped on a dead mouse that was waiting for me on the front porch. What is it with cats and leaving their catches on the porch for us? Errr, I don't want it. Really. But thanks though. So another trip back out to Hamlet's pen and he gobbled up the mouse too.

On the way back from the second trip to the pen I heard this horrible cry coming from the goat pasture. Lo and behold Blair, one of the Alpine kids, had her head stuck in the fence. Really??? A dead squirrel, a dead mouse, and a stuck goat and it was only 8:45.

At this point I kind of wanted to lock myself in the closet until the day was over.

Oh but wait, I had a sick child inside and a 2 year old I'm attempting to potty train. I won't go into details about that but let's just say my little man may have used my son's football helmet as the bathroom.

Well at least he understood the concept it wasn't suppose to be in his pants.

My little girl seemed to be feeling better as the day progressed and nothing else entirely strange happened.

I did want to show you a new photo of our little ducks. They are just cute as can be.

And the remaining rabbits. We had eleven, two died shortly after birth (natural causes) and a few days ago, we lost six!!!! Six in one night. A weasel or a snake got in their tractor and snatched six rabbits. So I moved mama and her remaining three babies into a hutch. I don't like the setup because the living space is smaller, and they have no access to grass (whereas the tractor was right on the ground with chicken wire on the bottom so they couldn't dig out) but at least they'll be safe.

Well until we eat them

Gosh this was a morbid post.

We had some great friends over for dinner and the kiddies are all tugged snug in their beds now. I pray nothing else happens tonight so I can finish my homework in peace. I hope your day wasn't as weird as mine. :)

~ Sarah ~

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  1. You win on the weird day one for sure. Our cats bring the mice to our porch too. It is pretty gross.

    Sorry about your rabbits-we had that happen with our baby chicks once. It was pretty gross too.

    And the football helmet-hilarious, but just because it didn't happen to me. :)


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