Saturday, April 14, 2012

On This Road...

Our little mile long dead-end road had a bit of a scare today. I was out feeding the chickens at a little after eight this morning when an ambulance came rushing down the road and pulled into my neighbor's drive. Then there were three or four more vehicles that quickly followed suit.

My hubby had been out turkey hunting bright and early this morning and had just pulled up when all the cars were pulling in next door. He had said he would go over and see if we could help while I went back inside to check on the kids and get them ready to head out to our first soccer game of the season.

It was our neighbor's little boy. He's a diabetic and had extremely low blood sugar so 911 was called.

I'm telling you this not to spread gossip or rumors, but to tell you about the kind of people that live on this road.

On this road the entire neighborhood stops what they are doing and comes to the aid of a neighbor. This was very evident this morning when literally almost everyone on our road came down to see if the little boy was okay and if there was anything they could do. Praise the Lord his blood sugar was stabilized and he was back to his sweet self this afternoon, in fact he was over at our house laughing and giggling like nothing had happened this morning.

On this road if you have a flat tire your neighbor will stop and put a brand new tire on.

On this road your neighbor will come over with their tractor and help till up your garden.

On this road there are no locked doors.

On this road your neighbor will bring you flowers just because.

On this road kids come and go between houses and run barefoot through the fields.

On this road we farm the land, and we take pride in where our food comes from.

On this road you get cookie deliveries with each holiday.

On this road, and in this community, we take Mark 12:31 literally when it says 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself..'

And there is nowhere else I'd rather live... than on this road.

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