Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

I'm thankful that my two year old is making progress with potty training. Little progress, but hey, it's still progress.

I'm thankful that rain is in the forecast tomorrow. I mean really thankful.

I'm thankful for the flowers that are blooming anyhow despite the lack of rain we've had.

Look at the tiny white pullet egg!

I'm thankful for our chickens. Even when I step in a big steamy pile of poo and I curse them, I really am thankful for their existence here. They, of all the livestock we have, consistently provide food for us.

I'm thankful that you continue to read my blog even though I somehow always seem to mention bodily fluid and/or functions.

I'm sorry for that.

And I'm very thankful for all I was able to get done around the house today. We were out of laundry soap, bar soap, venison jerky, and granola bars. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make all this today along with potty training (but I did!) and I was able to go to soccer practice with my hubby and son and hit the park with my kids. Whew.

I'm just so thankful for this little life we have. :)

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