Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Waiting Game

One of the many blueberry bushes

I have filled my flower beds with kiwi (an arctic variety), raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries galore. The trouble is though that we won't reap any of my hard work until at least next year if not longer. And while everything looks nice and the spaces are filled with plants and bushes, I'm a little impatient and want to harvest fruit NOW! My only hope is that I pruned the wild blackberries in our front yard enough this year that we'll get a larger harvest than we did last year and we'll have produced some type of fruit here on the farm.

One of the kiwi plants

Other than the few strawberries we hope to harvest (the birds are wreaking havoc on our strawberry patch thus far) there is always the vegetable garden. I didn't get a chance to plant the parsnips again today (we had an away soccer game this morning, then we stopped for lunch, then a health foods store, and now I'm just too lazy). Now parsnips are a real  waiting game. They taste better after a frost and they can be left in the ground over winter for storage so we won't get to enjoy their yummy goodness until the fall.

Because they take so long in the ground, it's a good idea to intercrop them. Meaning plant other fast growing crops like early carrots, radishes, or turnips long with them so you can harvest those early crops and you are sure not to hoe up the parsnips that way. I didn't intercrop last year, but I have planned my garden out as thorough as I possibly can this year to ensure the best use of space and a continued harvest throughout late spring and summer.

And the waiting game continues. The soil isn't quite warm enough for the tomato and pepper plants that are overtaking my dining room, but soon. Soon I will plant. And soon I will harvest.

I'll just keep waiting for now though.

But I can at least enjoy some of the flowers in bloom while I wait.

These Irises survived after my 2 year old danced all over them!

I hope you had a great Saturday!

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