Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Photo Credit: Daniel J. Wood

I attempted to discuss the reason for Memorial Day today with my kids. I know my two year old pretty much understood nothing, but hey, I tried. :)

We colored a picture...

Made little felt star necklaces with a penny hot glued in the center...

I made a 'flag' lasagna for dinner before we headed down to the lake for some family fishing time. :)

And then we listened to this song and talked about the lyrics and what they meant.

I hope my kids grow up appreciating our country and the men and women who fight to protect it, and especially those who gave their life for our freedom.

I'll make sure to continue to remind them throughout this weekend while we're fishing, and swimming, and hanging out with friends that there is a reason why we have an extra day off from work and school...

... and it's not a pretty one.

Have a safe and appreciative Memorial Day weekend!

~ Sarah ~

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