Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monticello Visit

The kiddies and I took a trip to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello yesterday. We've been a few times before but now that they are getting older and learning about the presidents in school, I'd thought it was time for another visit. The weather wasn't too terribly hot and the thunderstorms held off, so we had a great afternoon there. If you're ever in the Central Virginia area, it's worth your while to stop by!

The gardens are beautiful and very inspiring at Monticello. I'd love to take some of their ideas and introduce them to our garden space.

But at this point, I'll just be glad if the garden gives us some type of harvest between the chickens and the deer and the dogs trampling through... who knows what will make it. Only a small section is fenced off and everything in there is doing very well, but the area that's not fenced off... well... it's struggling.

Well I hope you had a great Saturday, I'm off to cut soap and sit down with a good book.

~ Sarah ~

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