Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soccer and Garden Updates

Today we had my son's last soccer game. His team played their hearts out this season and I am so proud of his little team. My hubby helped coach and even though he's not a huge soccer fan, I think he had a good time too. :)

We came home from soccer today and got to work in the garden. I desperately needed to water my seedlings and hoe under the weeds (they were taking over!)

Cucumbers are popping up, yay! I'll need to thin these out as they get a bit bigger.

And of course squash. Yum yum!

The four raised beds we have are doing well too. I've been harvesting lettuce, spinach, radishes out of them and the broccoli is almost ready. We also have strawberries in there as well, but the kids eat them off the plants before I can even bring them in the house to clean them. :)

I can't believe how much I love to garden, it really is addicting! And I really love that my kids are so involved with it as well. They helped me move the raspberries and blackberries today over to the new garden space I told you about in my last post. I did plant the oats in there, but there was still  plenty of room left over, so I thought the berries would be happier over there. Micah will need to eventually build them a trellis. And I'm sure he's really excited about that too...

My son is almost done with school, only two more full weeks, then a week of half days left! I can't wait to have all my babies home for the summer. Homeschooling has been going well for daughter too. She is already reading, and technically she should be in preschool, but I have been using a Kindergarten curriculum, and she is doing really well with it.

Well I'm off to get dinner going; hope you're having a great Saturday too!

~ Sarah ~

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