Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thankful Tuesday (This Little Piggie)

I'm thankful for our friends who let us borrow their livestock trailer.

Because, errr... well... this little piggie took a trip to the butcher tonight.

I'm thankful that my husband is an excellent driver and can back up (and drive) anything. We got down  the road and realized we forgot the soccer balls (we had to go straight to soccer after going to the butcher).

So Micah had to literally back up the whole way home because there was nowhere to turn around.

I'm thankful for the butcher who kindly took our piggie tonight, and for taking my order exactly how I want the meat cut and packaged.

I'm thankful that Micah is a beast and was able to man handle the pig who (very wisely) wouldn't leave the trailer. He tried prodding him with a stick but after a few minutes of no success, he grabbed the 300 some pound pig and threw him out of the trailer with his two bare hands and into the pen.

Yah. True story.

I had given my 7 year old the camera and asked him to photograph the event (you know, just in case my services were needed, ahem, as I stood in my dress and sparkly sandals) but apparently he was so enthralled by it all, he forgot to take any darn pictures!

I'll be really, really thankful on Saturday when I go pick up the meat. Can we say bacon anyone?

And I'm thankful that we now have one less mouth to feed. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday as well!

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  1. I can relate! It's always such a relief when the pigs finally go to the butcher!


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