Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

These past three days have been all about the hogs. I know, I know, I just posted a Thankful Tuesday post last week about hogs, but I've been consumed with them and I just have to show them my gratitude.

I picked what was left of Hamlet from the butcher yesterday morning. For being a little guinea hog, I was surprised by how much meat actually was boxed up for me! So I am entirely thankful for his sacrifice to feed our family. And believe you me, we have enough sausage to last us a year!

I'm thankful the butcher saved the lard for me so I could render it and use it later in my goat milk soap.

I'm really thankful I found this post on rendering lard, because this San Diego native didn't have that in her repertoire (and didn't necessarily want to). I was able to get 12 pint size canning jars of lard and now it's happily tucked away in the freezer awaiting my next batch of soap to commence.

Straining milk into a pitcher from a jar

In speaking of canning jars, I am SOOOO thankful for them. They have become my new favorite thing. I milk my goat into them (as opposed to a stainless steel pail), I use them to hold anything and everything, I use one for my soap dispenser, and we occasionally drink from them. And not to mention, I can things in them. I love me some canning jars. :)

Back to the hog, I'm thankful that, so far, the bacon seems to be curing quite nicely. Again, curing bacon was not something I had ever done before, but it appears to be doing what it's suppose to and in a few days it should be cured and we'll fry some up. (Hopefully).

I'm thankful for the delicious dinner we had last night with pork chops (from Hamlet) as the main dish.

I'll be really thankful if Micah finds this daggum cricket in our house right now that is making A TON of noise so we can go to bed!

Ahh, there's just so much to be thankful for. :)

~ Sarah ~

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  1. Sarah.... i would have never thought that either of us would be doing things along the line we are now :)


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