Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random Pumpkins And The Garden

We had a great weekend. :) We did a little fishing, swam in the lake, went to a family reunion (okay, technically we are not part of the family, but we've adopted them as our own), heard a great message at church, Micah helped the kids ride Lucky tonight, and my hubby and oldest son fenced in the rest of the garden this weekend. Part of it was fenced in from last year, but we added on to it this year so more needed to be fenced. Thanks boys! My little man slept through all the garden work, while my daughter and I harvest some crops.
Either squirrels or the chickens (or both) ate all the sunflower seeds I had planted (not a single one came up) and I'm pretty sure they decimated my entire oat area too. Nothing came up at all. I'm bummed about it, but I guess that's the way it goes. I think I'll use that area for more strawberries and raspberries next year, and some fall crops this year.

I was having a time with it trying to battle the weeds, so today I laid straw in between my rows. Hopefully this will also help my little two year old 'helper' from stepping on anything, if I tell him to stay on the straw.

Who am I kidding, if I let a two year old in the garden, stuff is going to get destroyed. :)

Anyway, here is the back portion of the garden. I planted my crops a little late so I'm behind in the size department, but everything is coming up nicely. In this picture there are two rows of corn in the back, two rows of bush beans, two rows of carrots, a row of parsnips, a row of tomatoes (in the front corner), a few pepper plants throughout, a short row of watermelon, a short row of melons, and over in the bottom right there are three pumpkins plants, a row of squash, a row of zucchini, and two rows of cucumbers that you can barely see in this photo. I have done multiple sowings of each crop so that we can have a continual harvest.

I was in the same spot as the previous picture but I turned to my left to take this one. You can see the four raised beds over in the top left. I am still pulling spinach and lettuce from them. Even though they are a bit bitter from the heat, we are still eating them, and it gives me a perfectly legitimate excuse to overload the salad dressing. I pulled most of the radishes today too, several were split, so Lucky happily chomped on those. I also harvested about half the broccoli today as well. No asparagus this year, the plants all did well, but they don't get harvested until the second or third years. There is a bed of onions, garlic, and shallots as well, but none are quite ready (big enough) to be dug up. There are also calendula and strawberries off in the distance. Over in the far top right is where my oats would be growing had the seeds not been eaten. Oh well.

In speaking of crops, Micah noticed a few stray pumpkin plants growing right outside the pig pen. I laughed hysterically when I saw these. We had fed the pigs the pumpkins we had picked from our pumpkin patch trip last fall. I think we gave them to the pigs shortly after Thanksgiving (??) last year and they were happily eaten by our boar (who we are happily now eating). But somehow the seeds survived and rooted themselves in all that... errrr....  fertilized soil.

I have three Big Max plants growing in the garden but these pumpkins that we picked  last fall were much smaller, so it looks like we'll have a nice size variety of pumpkins, if these plants actually survive here. I'm not a huge pumpkin-anything fan, but Micah and the kids will enjoy pumpkin pie and muffins and we can carve and paint lots of them this year.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! I am neglecting my house and garden tomorrow and taking my kids swimming. Gotta love summertime. :)

~ Sarah ~

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