Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Trip to the Dairy Farm

Today a few friends and I and our combined nine children went and took a tour of a local dairy farm.

Not kidding, it was really informative and really fun. And I was shocked by how clean (and non-stinky) the farm was and how well the animals are cared for.

The owner was so kind and let all thirteen of us head down and actually see how the cows are milked. Never mind the fact that we were peed on. I guess that's what we get for standing behind and under 1,400 pound cows. :)

Check out that full udder!

 They are milked three times a day beginning at around two in the morning. Yes, in the morning. They give about ten gallons of milk per day per cow and the milk goes into this 4,000 pound chilled holding tank where it awaits its daily departure via another holding tank on a truck to go off and get pasteurized.

I always knew milk came from cows but it was amazing to see how that whole process actually happens.

The kids all had a blast, and the cows were docile enough to allow the children to pet them on their noses.

We headed back into town for a picnic lunch and an afternoon at the park. It was such a great day. Who would have thought visiting a dairy farm would be such a hit. :)

~ Sarah ~

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  1. Ouch! That "full udder" is actually a severely damaged udder. The ligaments that are supposed to support it have let go and left it dangling. It happens sometimes, especially with high-producing cows like Holsteins.

    It's cool that you got to visit a dairy though. I didn't know there was one near here.

    I'd invite you all to come see me milk my cow, but Thistle is so suspicious and sensitive, she kind of freaks out if strangers come near her!


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