Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Any Country Girl Would Do

My little five year old girl is all girl. She insists on wearing pink or purple virtually every day, her toes her painted, her hair is long, she wears dresses on most occasions, and she loves anything involving fairy tales and Barbie.

All this being said, she is also completely country. She loves looking for eggs in the coop and romping around in the hay, she loves her goats, she loves her horse, cowgirl boots are a necessity, she doesn't mind dirt, and she loves working in the garden. And most of all, she loves animals. All animals. Big and small.

She'll eat meat, but she won't participate in any meat processing we do. She doesn't like it when Micah hunts and she hates it when one of our animals is wounded or sick.

I was working in the garden today; the ever daunting task of pulling weeds, and I heard my daughter yelling 'No, stop. Get away!'

Okay, honestly, I thought she was talking to her baby brother (a normal conversation she might have with him), but I stood up anyway from what I was doing to see what she was yelling at what I see is my little girl, hair flapping in the wind, running to me with something in her hand. As she got closer I realized what it was.... a bird.

A bird.

Now I love our chickens and our ducks, I love eating fresh eggs for breakfast and I love eating chicken at night for dinner, but I am not a huge fan of birds at all. I mean really, they are dirty.

My first instinct was to scream and tell her to drop the bird immediately and to go wash her hands, but she starts telling me a story. She tells me that our cat Hattie grabbed the bird, then our HUGE male Rottweiler Duke came over and took the bird from the cat. And that my daughter bravely, grabbed our dog (who is easily four times her size) and told him to stop and get away and she grabbed the bird from his jaws of death.

I was floored by this.

She literally saved the birds life. The cat would have indefinitely eaten the bird, but I think our dog just wanted to play with it (but would have killed it in the process).

I was just so surprised that she cared enough about a little bird to risk getting scratched or hurt. I can honestly say that I would never ever do something like that and it warms my heart that she was willing to.

I went ahead (for the sake of my little girl) and inspected the bird. I didn't see any blood, and his wings appeared to be fine, but he wouldn't fly away. He (she) just sat there and let the kids look at him. Maybe he was stunned by the whole incident, maybe he was internally wounded, I just don't know. His future looks very grim if he can't fly. But I wish him the best, and I know a little girl who said a prayer for him tonight and would happily fend off beasts of all kinds to save one of God's creatures all over again. I mean isn't that what any country girl would do?

My children just never cease to amaze me. :)

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~ Sarah ~


  1. One of my sons is the same way. In one way you are happy they are so compassionate and then on the other hand it breaks your heart to see them hurting when an animal dies.

  2. Looks like a really young Bluejay and I'm kind of surprised that the momma didn't attack the dog or the kids. They can be really mean!


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