Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not A Total Loss

It's no secret there was a bit of a drought recently, and from what I understand food prices are going to go up substantially as a result. Our garden fell prey to the lack of rain, as did many others I'm sure. The crops were doing well and even though we are still harvesting things here and there it's certainly not what we were hoping for and there won't be much to can and freeze to get us through the year.

It's a little depressing to think about, especially with the expected rise in our grocery bill, but it is what it is.

This was my harvest from this morning. Sad I know. The three pumpkins I planted all withered in the blazing sun as well as my first sowing of corn. I have two more sowings of corn that, fingers crossed, will make it to the pressure cooker.

Amazingly the melons I planted are thriving. I know melons are difficult to grow, but we have three different melons growing that seem to be doing well. So our garden is not a total loss. I have replanted a few things for a late summer harvest, and I pray the fall garden I'll plant will do well, but so far it's all been a big fat disappointment.

Sooooo, I  took some pictures to make myself better of what is growing. :) My favorite! I'll be thrilled if we can just harvest one watermelon.

Honeydew, the kids favorite.

Cantaloupe, this one looks a bit sad, but there is another one that I hope will make it to the dinner table.

Well, I hope your garden is doing better than mine! :)

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