Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thankful Tuesday, errr Wednesday

I told you the other day about what a great weekend we had and I am so thankful for that.

I'm thankful I was able to get together yesterday with some wonderful ladies from our old church and meet up at the pool. Remember in my first post I said how hard it was to leave our old friends and the church we adored? Well, I still miss the church and my friends, but we have found an equally amazing church and we've made lots of new friends, and we live close enough that we can visit with them.

I'm also thankful I was able to visit with an old neighbor yesterday too. We were in the hospital with our boys (her first, and my third) at the same time and delivered within 23 hours of each other. It wasn't planned that way, but I just always loved that I had a friend next door pushing and screaming at the same time as me. :)

I'm sorry if that was little too much information for you. But that's what happens when one gives birth. You push and scream. And maybe swear at your doctor.

 And husband.

And anyone remotely close to you.

Moving on. I'm thankful for whoever invented crock pots. I mean really, it's ingenious, you throw something in it in the morning and when you come home, dinner is served. I was glad I threw in two of our hens in the crock yesterday morning before we left for the pool.

The hens were dead, don't worry. Well mostly.

I like to use the old laying hens who are usually tougher than the younger broilers in the crock pot because it helps add moisture to the meat.

Dinner turned out great and there's lots of leftovers so I think I have lunch made for the week. Maybe? I'll be thankful if that's the case.

I'm thankful I went to a friend's church tonight for VBS and I was able to catch up with several girlfriends. Yay for a little girl time.

I'm also thankful that my older two babies have decided to get baptized and have accepted Jesus into their hearts. I don't think there is any greater feeling for a parent than to know that your child has made the utmost important decision of their lives.

Well, I have a new sign to paint, and goat milk soap to make so that's all for now.

I hope you have much to be thankful for too.

~ Sarah ~

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