Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Good Day For A Baptism

I just logged on to this blog to write about today's events and realized that it's been over a week since I last blogged! Eek! We've been so busy with school shopping, spending time with friends and family, and of course football and cheerleading practice, that I haven't had one second to collect my thoughts and form a blog post.

So just a brief recap, the garden is all but done. I'm getting a few tomatoes, and there are still a few melons to be harvested, but other than that, it's run it's course. I really need to get in there and pull it all up and get ready for a fall planting.

We sold another doeling today too. The kids really wanted to keep her, but with the drought we had, it's wise to go into winter with as few mouths to feed as possible. Which means several laying hens who are not performing will need to get processed and into the freezer too.

 I have also borrowed my mom's sewing machine for the week and am working on sandwich bags and snack bags for the kids lunches this year. Hopefully I'll be done with those this week.  Hopefully.

But the big news is that my two older babies made the most important decision they'll ever make by accepting Christ as their Saviour not too long ago. It was just awesome to pray that prayer with them. Okay awesome isn't exactly the best describing word for how it felt, but you catch my drift.

Anyway, shortly after they asked Jesus into their hearts, our pastor announced that our church was going to have a day of baptisms. I mentioned this to my kids and told them the story of how Jesus was baptized in a river. And of course they both agreed that they should and so today after church service we headed down to a campground on the river and had a little church cook out and watched (and cried) as our two older children and another sweet little girl were baptized. It was such an amazing day and I'm so thankful for my pastor and his wife, and our church, and that my mom and step dad made it out today, and for my husband who participated in the baptism as well.

I love this photo of  Micah and Grady about to shake hands. :)

So proud of my babies

Our church gifted the children with their very own Bible.

And check out our pastor's awesome get up. :)

After the snack bags, I think I might try and sew a case for their Bibles. Try being the operative word.

Well I feel very blessed today. I hope you heart is as full as mine. :)

~ Sarah ~

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