Thursday, August 23, 2012

It All Happens For A Reason

I'll spare you the details of this week, but I will say that it has been absolutely devastating to me (although I tend to be a bit dramatic) and we've had to change some plans and make decisions that I didn't really want to have to make.

'Mom, take a picture of our cool backpacks!'  :)

But..... as I woke my kids up this morning and saw their sweet smiling faces (in preparation for their first day of school) and I had a wonderful neighbor stop by during breakfast with good news, and my husband sent me a picture text from school today while eating lunch with my little girl.... I knew that it was all going to be okay

I forget that idea sometimes. I forget that everything happens for a reason and even though we may never understand, or like, all that we have to deal with, in the end there is a plan for lives.

Maybe not the plan we envisioned. But there is a plan.

I feel much better about the world today and I'm sure I'll look back on these past few days (years from now) and think that it was no big deal.

And how thrilled was I when three o'clock rolled around and I was able to go pick up my kiddos from their brand new school! They both had a wonderful day and I thought a batch of cookies was in order.

Maybe more for my sake than theirs. :)

One more day of school this week and then a whole weekend together as a family. It can't come soon enough.

Hope your kids had a great day at school too!

~ Sarah ~

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