Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Life Has Been Consumed

I was doing so well this summer with blogging and keeping up with all that's going on around here. But as I look back these past two weeks, my posts are few and far between. I forgot my Thankful Tuesday post last night (again), I still haven't prepared the garden for my fall crops, the chicken coop needs cleaning (again), and there are about a million other things that need attending to that I just haven't gotten around to doing. I've been trying to keep the kids entertained this summer and in doing so most of my outside chores are rushed and a bit lack luster, if they get done at all

And now that summer is winding down to a close our life is being overtaken with football and cheer. My son has played the past two seasons and it's always a huge transition once it starts as the first three weeks they practice every night for conditioning.

Every night.

Micah usually takes him but he is one of the varsity football coaches this year and he has been with them every night until 9ish while they are conditioning. So in short, my life has been consumed with my husband's football, my son's football, and my daughters cheer. And somehow, but I couldn't tell you how, I was talked into helping coach the girls flag cheer team. It's been a long time since I've done any sort of cheering, so this could be interesting.

Very interesting.

I went out today to see if I still had 'it' and promptly hurt my back.

It might be a long season.

Anywho we had a crazy storm this evening, so practice was a no-go, and I actually had time to snap a few photos and write a blog. Totally random, but here you go!

Lucky says hi

Apples on our very own tree!

Hay jumping :)

 I hope you got a little rain where ever you are and I hope you're having a great night. This might be my last post for awhile as my life has been completely consumed. Did I mention football season was underway? :)

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  1. Great ~ now we will look forward to all the football (USA style ~ not soccer) and cheering stories.

    2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate
    Sarah, Sarah, yea Sarah

    (See Mamaw still has it too)
    Love to all


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