Friday, August 10, 2012

Yup, That Hurt (A Trip To The City)

The kids and I packed in the car today and headed into the big ole city. I remember again why I moved from a large city though and why I love the country so much.

As I was driving down the interstate this afternoon and recieved horn after horn and finger after finger, it occurred to me that the required speed limit for the highway is move than 55 miles per hour.

Apparently it's been a ahwile since I have driven on anything but a back road where 55 is the max. So I sped up a bit and the fingers and horns stopped.

Sorry folks of Charlotteville, I'll drive faster next time.

Why was I going into the big ole city you ask?

Well remember all the dumb things I did when I was a kid, primarily the tattoos I got? Yah, well, I went in for another laser tattoo removal treatment today.

And, yup, that hurt. It's very painful and very expensive and I'd really like to go back in time and avoid that whole tattoo phase altogether. But I can't. Oh well. All I can do is hope that I reinforce to my children NOT to make the same mistakes I made.

I think after going with me to all of my six sessions though and seeing the aftermath of it all, they are getting the message loud and clear.

My mom and stepdad were kind enough to go with me to keep an eye on the kiddies and then they took us out for teppanyaki afterwards as an early birthday celebration for me. And I love that place. Thanks mom and Steve! I almost forgot about the pain in my ankle while eating. :)

I even had time to make a trip into Michaels for more velcro (I'm sewing little resuable snack bags for the kids lunches). And let me just say dear Michaels, oh how I have missed thee. And oh how I love thee.

Our trip into the city was fun, it was good to see my folks, dinner was amazing, but I must say, there's nothing like pulling up in our gravel drive and seeing the chickens in the yard, our little old farmhouse, the garden in the back, and my horse in the pasture.

Gosh I love the country. :)

Good night all!

~ Sarah ~


  1. oh sweetie, that does look painful. I'm so sorry.

    I also love to pull in my gravel driveway and know that I am home to stay for awhile.

  2. Ouch!! Always considered getting a tattoo.... I'd pick out something, tape the picture to my bathroom mirror and after a while, I'd get sick of looking at it & take it down..... Never did find anything I liked longer than 2 months, so I'm so happy I didn't get one.... And your removal pictures just reinforced that ;)

    Best Wishes,


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