Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Good Day

Today on this beautiful fall-esque day, I found myself doing things that never in a million years did I think I'd find joy in doing. Maybe it was the cooler weather, maybe it's the fact that I love our little farm. I don't know.

But I found myself raking up the 10 million acorns that have fallen around the front of our property. Micah hates driving the lawn mower over them and occasionally asks me to rake them up. Ultimately I don't mind because our hogs love them and we are trying to fatten up mama pig to...uhm...well, eat her.

Morbid, I know. Such is life.

I checked for eggs in our newly installed nesting boxes. Micah had built a few in our chicken coop and a few in the barn, but for some reason, they've decided not to use them anymore. So he took a few 5 gallon buckets and affixed them to a gate where they like to perch, and we're hoping the strategic placement of a few golf balls might encourage them to lay there. Not the most aesthetically pleasing invention, but hey, it'll do.

I made another batch of laundry soap. Okay, that wasn't the most joyful experience, but it had to be done, and you know how I feel about chemicals.

My little man ran around and played outside in the fresh air, and that was exciting. There's nothing better than a happy, smiling child. (Though chocolate cookies come in a close second, just sayin'.) Especially when that happy, smiling child insists on wearing a cape wherever he goes. :)

And as I was working in the garden this morning and tending to the animals, and watching my son play this afternoon, my heart swelled with joy. Never the life I imagined I'd be leading, but I feel so blessed to be leading it.

And on that note, I hope you had a great Wednesday too. :)

~ Sarah ~

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