Monday, September 24, 2012

How I Love Thee Fall...

And I do. I love fall. I love Christmas time a little bit more, but I sure do love fall. I love the change in weather, the cool, crisp mornings, and the need to wrap up in a warm chunky sweater. I love the change in the leaves, and sitting by the wood stove drinking a hot cup of tea. I love hunkering down with my family, reading, or playing games when it's too dark to play outside anymore. I love that the filling of the animals water isn't an all day task the way it is in the heat of the summer. I love pulling out coats and sweaters from the back of the closets and fuzzy boots to keep us warm.

But mostly I love that with the change of seasons, comes a change in the kitchen. It's not blazing hot anymore, so I can use my oven more often to cook and bake. And tonight after we got home from school, I decided we needed to do both. I whipped up my favorite homemade lasagna and then we made cookies together.

Nothing says fall to me more than apples. We look forward to apple picking every year, and though we haven't been yet this year, apple cookies seemed like the right dessert for this evening.

And let me clarify, not apple flavored cookies, but sugar cookies in the shape of apples. I couldn't find my apple cookie cutter so we had to improvise tonight.

I had a pretty good kitchen staff though. :)

I also had about six squash that I had recently pulled from the garden. I am tired of eating squash to be honest with you, so I opted to shred them and freeze them for later use (in brownies, or cakes) while I had my kitchen staff ready and available to help.

It was a great afternoon, and we sure are loving this season so far. Micah is even excited about fall too. Fall means deer hunting for him, and that means deer meat in the freezer for us. Yum yum.

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?


  1. Gosh, Steven could use some "man" time out in the woods, lol, hope all is well you guys!

  2. Ha ha, yup we are good! Hope you guys are too! As soon as this crazy football season is over, we're going to have to get together. :)


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