Monday, October 29, 2012

A Hurricane Day

Today, with Hurricane Sandy rolling up the East Coast, most of the schools in our area closed for today (better safe than sorry). So far we've just gotten a massive amount of rain and a little wind. Our water table should be happy, and there are leaves EVERYWHERE, but other than that, we're doing quite well.

Micah locked all the hoofed animals in the barn last night and the chickens are braving the rain looking for bugs and whatever else may be out. The dogs, cats, and rabbits have taken cover but the ducks are thoroughly enjoying the downpour. I love those ducks. I love them so much, they're not going to wind up on the dinner table.

We had the wood stove going last night and it was almost too hot, but today it feels absolutely frigid out and the wood stove is welcomed. It's a little strange being home on a school day in October for a weather-closing day, in fact, it feels more like winter. So much so that we busted out the Christmas movies today. :)

I had half a mind to make some Christmas sugar cookies, but I thought better of it. I mean we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet.

The kids are doing surprisingly well being cooped up. They have read several books each, played Uno, and wrestled with their daddy of course. They are bummed they missed 'pajama day' at school, but it's been a fun day at home relaxing as a family. I might even have enough time to make this for my two younger kiddies (my oldest son would never go for a scarf!)

We're rocking out to Johnny Cash and listening to the sound of rain on a tin roof. Micah spoke to his parents who live right on the beaches of North Carolina, and though they said it was a pretty wild and intense storm, they are all okay. I pray for everyones safety during this hurricane and am thankful for this unexpected day at home.

How is Sandy treating you so far?

~ Sarah ~

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