Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Good Thing About Chickens....

The good thing about chickens are.....

.... that they taste so good.

Horrible to say right?

But it's true. We eat a lot of eggs in this family. A lot.  And we eat a lot of chicken in this family too, so they are a necessary farm animal for us.

It's infinitely more work raising your own food, but in our opinion, well worth it.

I was so happy to come home today to a crockpot full of BBQ pulled chicken that Micah and I raised from a day old chick and butchered ourselves. Dinner was lovely tonight.

I'm not sure if it was because dinner tasted so good, or because Micah has offered to do the dishes after we get home from football practice tonight. It's probably the latter.

And in completely non related news, I finished a scarf last night for my little girl. I'm already falling behind on my crochet-winter-accessory-to-do-list, but at least I can cross one off of the list.

Happy Thursday to you!

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