Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Make no mistake. I love fall. So when my daughter's class scheduled a trip to a local pumpkin patch for yesterday, guess who just had to chaperon.


Happy to have big brother home from school.

My oldest son had to miss this trip, they had an important test that he couldn't miss at school, but my little guy tagged along and we had a grand ole time. It was a much needed break from all of this weeks cancer news from our family and friends.

RGIII for Robert Griffin the III, the Skins quarterback

Today we had a late football game (which we won, so we're in the playoffs next week) so I was able to clean out the chicken coop, make another batch of blueberry muffins, carve the pumpkins with my kids and catch up laundry. It was a good Saturday.

And it was made infinitely better after eating the roasted pumpkin seeds I made tonight after gathering them from the pumpkins today.

I hope you are enjoying fall as much as we are. :)

~ Sarah ~

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