Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We're Off!

I had a major to-do list today. I wanted to go through and pull out all the kids fall/winter clothes since fall crept up on me so quickly (even though I love fall). I'm thrilled about the cooler weather, but I didn't exactly have our closets prepared for it.

I also needed to pack. Because we're off!

I am heading out with my three favorite traveling companions in a little bit to fly across the country to visit my family (and Disneyland.)

But mostly my family.

My hubby isn't a huge fan of flying so he opts out of vacations when it involves getting on an airplane.

I had pity on him today and prepared him a few dinners to survive while I'm gone.

I love Micah dearly, but in the ten years we've been married, he has never cooked dinner once. Ever.

I was able to cross off most items off my to-do list today, which was a little challenging when I had a three year old who unpacked as quickly as I packed and when I so many animals needing attention. :)

I hope you had a great Wednesday too and I'll catch up with you in a week!

~ Sarah ~


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