Monday, November 5, 2012

Crochet Hats And Old Hens

It seems the winter weather has arrived here and we have pulled out all of our winter coats already. I have been crocheting up a storm trying to get warm hats and scarves on my babies but my fingers can only work so fast. (And there have been some fascinating shows on TV after the kids are asleep.)

This is what I have so far. Micah still needs another hat but I feel pretty good about the start so far.

I've also made my Christmas lists and know what I'd like to make for family and friends.

The operative word being what I'd like to make. I've started earlier this year so there's a chance I might actually finish by Christmas.

Maybe. :)

We warmed up on this chilly night to one of my favorite dinner recipes. And we get a little break this week from extra curricular activities... no football practice in the freezing cold! I'm hoping the break form football and cheer will allow for more crochet time.

And in totally non-related crochet news, Micah had to put down two hens tonight. We think they were eating their own eggs. This happens sometimes in older birds, and they were becoming a little aggressive towards some of our laying pullets. We didn't gut and clean them because they were so old and small, we didn't think the effort would be worth the meat, so instead the hogs happily gobbled them up. Just another fact of life on our little farm.

I hope you had a great Monday and are staying warm in this chilly weather.

~ Sarah ~

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  1. I think you didn't process the hens because you were afraid of yolks popping out at you :o)!!



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