Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sheep Night

We went over to a neighbors farm  the other night to see all his new lambs. He even had one ewe have triplets.

The little lambs were quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

And it cracks me up to no end that any fun things we do as a family either revolve around football or farming. Some people take their kids to movies or bowling or whatever else, but we take our kids to farms.

My kids wanted to pet the llama. He wouldn't let them though. :)

Or Tractor Supply. Tractor Supply is a real favorite around here. :)

Anyway, all this sheep and wool talk got me in a crocheting mood again. I was briefly motivated last week, but then I decided sleep sounded much better. Since visiting the sheep though, I have finished a beanie for myself, started two Christmas gifts, and am almost done with this scarf. It's a new stitch I just learned, called Sweat Pea, and I LOVE it.

I may have to wear it when we take our family Christmas pictures next week.

Well the husband is out hunting and I have a pile of socks that need mending and a little boy who needs his mommy to give him a haircut before our pictures. Hope you're having a great Saturday too!

~ Sarah ~

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