Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Super Bowl 2012

This morning was our area's Super Bowl. Our little county's flag football team has worked so hard this season. They are an incredible team with so many talented athletes, and we are undefeated on the field. We did, unfortunately, have to forfeit two games at the beginning of the season because we had an illegal player on the field during those games.

Illegal meaning not under seven or they weighed over 70 pounds.

There are rules for a reason. It's only flag, the kids don't wear any type of pads or helmets whatsoever, so it's imperative that before each game ALL the kids weigh in and the coaches from their opposing team agree with the roster (ages and weights).

Our team made a mistake and had to forfeit two games because of this. Fair is fair. And rules are rules. It is what it is.

This morning we headed out bright and early in the bitter cold and the boys played their hearts out.

We were up 13-12 with 8 seconds to go. Our defense had held them, it was fourth down and I was on the sidelines, screaming and yelling, my stomach in knots, thinking the game was ours.

The other team got past the defensive line and scored a touchdown.

I wanted to burst out in tears.

It was heart breaking. A few of the flag players began to cry too. We had worked so hard all season. Practicing in the heat, practicing in the cold, practicing in the dark, practicing and practicing and practicing.

And the season was over. We lost. With eight seconds left and on fourth down, they scored.

Both teams were lining up to shake hands when the announcer came over the loud speaker. The other team had an illegal player on their team the whole game and they, therefore, had to forfeit the game.

Our side burst out in cheers. Tears were wiped away and replaced with smiles.

We were given the Super Bowl trophy.

Now, I know, I know, it's just the youth league, it's just flag football. But in the moment it was hard not to get caught up in all the excitement. I'm proud of the team regardless of the trophy, and I would venture to say all the other parents are as equally as proud.

We 'won' the Super Bowl, but I hate the way it happened. I hate that the opposing team lost due to technicalities.

But as I said before, rules are rules. We have been on that side before too and had to pay the consequence for not following the rules. I wish it could have ended differently (a bit more like last season's win), but either way, we had a great season, and we have a great team with a great group of young men and sweet group of cheerleaders.

I hope to use this as a learning tool for my kids: that this is why you follow the rules. There are consequences when you don't!

And in today's case, it just happened to be the Super Bowl trophy.

And just when I thought I could breathe again and relax becasue the season was over, my husband's high school team made the playoffs. Oiy. Back to the football field we go. :)

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