Monday, December 3, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we are into the month of December. Seriously, how did that happen? I haven't been blogging lately because I have been too busy enjoying my family.

I had no idea a person could love anything so much, but gosh darn, I love my kids. It's just been a great couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed time at home with my children. Now that life has slowed down a little bit (we are in between sports seasons), we are able to eat dinner each night as a family, and relax by the fire, and just spend time with each other. We of course had to go see Santa, make gingerbread houses, make lots of handmade ornaments, and play outside on our little farm.

Micah has still been going out hunting, but he's carved out lots of time for me and the kids.

I've also been up late each night after the kids go to bed working on Christmas gifts. My little hands are busy crocheting away. I have also, amazingly enough, completed all of my Christmas shopping. I tried to support our local economy as much as I could, and also ordered a lot from small businesses (mostly off of Etsy). I am hoping to have everything in the mail for family and friends this Friday, but I still quite a few gifts to finish up.

Tablet covers

scarves, hats, and a new lunch bag in process..

a surprise for my little girl...

It's a good thing there is coffee and French Vanilla creamer to go along with it. :)

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.

My hands are busy, my house is warm, and my heart is full.

Happy Monday to you!

~ Sarah ~

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