Saturday, December 22, 2012

Operation Christmas Sweater

I set out this year to make a sweater for my little girl.

Errrr, but making sweater's are much more challenging than my dinky little crochet experience. So I opted, instead,  on a sweater vest because somehow that seemed less daunting??? I searched and searched the Internet for the perfect pattern for her and in the end I just ended up kind of winging it and not using one at all (okay, and you can kind of tell). I started from the bottom and worked my way up. I measured her to make sure it would fit and I even had her close her eyes while I tried it on her several times to make sure it would work.

I love the yarn I used. It's a Lion Brand yarn which I love since it's made here in the USA but I also love the color. It's called dusty rose and it reminds me of grandma (in a good way). She would have made something for me when I was a kid in this color and so I just had to have it. It was very fine and very time consuming, but I'm pleased with the result.

I hope come Christmas morning my little girl is as pleased as I am. The sweater is laid out funny, but rest assured, the sleeves are even. :)

And because Operation Christmas Sweater was completed before I had planned, I had time to whip up a bulky hat for myself. It took nine rows, yes NINE rows to complete and it was a super easy pattern. I left out the flower because let's face it... I'm too old to wear flowers on my head. But I still may have to make one in every. single. color.


I'm hunkered down with my little family, enjoying cookies, and sipping hot cocoa. It's been a great day and a good weekend. We even got to catch up with some great friends of ours last night!

My mind is, however, never far from Connecticut and what happened on December 14th. Continue to pray for those affected and enjoy your loved ones this Christmas season.

~ Sarah ~

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  1. I wish I could knit. I think both projects look pretty neat. Merry Christmas.


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