Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Days

We received more snow this weekend. Woot woot! They actually let school out early on Friday so the buses could get home before the storm. It didn't end up being that bad but the kids welcomed the early dismissal day and I did too, if we're being honest. My son turned eight on Friday. Yes, eight! I made him cupcakes and took them school and had lunch with him, and his friend came over after school to celebrate. We are having his party next weekend, I hope. As long as it doesn't snow. Again.

I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday (just a little head cold). So I stationed myself on the sofa with a crochet hook in one hand and a new Nicholas Sparks book in the other and watched the kiddies play outside.

And it looks like fun was had by all. :)

I finished up two more cowls. I know, I know, I really need to stop making them. 27 is probably enough. No, I'm kidding, I don't have 27.

It's more like 24.

After church today we met my mom and step dad for lunch and continued celebrating my son's birthday. It was a nice quiet, family weekend. And we had a couple snow days to boot. That's my kind of weekend.

This week, I have goat milk soap to make, and I'd like to try to make these earrings for me, and these coffee cozies for our home.  I am also working on a Valentines' Day project for my little girl. Who knows if I'll get it all done after the kids go the bed each night, but I'd like to try! I also need to catch up on Downton Abbey.

Have you been enjoying the snow? What are crocheting this week?

~ Sarah ~

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