Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going Green On The Farm {House Plants}

I didn't necessarily grow up being a tree hugger or particularly green, but I feel a little that way now. I guess it all started when we began having children and I realized I wanted there to a planet, a healthy planet, left my for my kids and grandkids and great grandkids to enjoy.

Micah and I still have a long way to go, but we try to be kind to the planet and we try hard to do our part to be green. We went to the Mother Earth News Fair in 2011 and came away with a greater knowledge of a healthier, greener lifestyle, but we still continue to research ways to be even more so.

I had a written awhile ago about how I was trying to weed our some of the chemicals in my beauty regime, but it was for selfish reasons, I didn't want the chemicals on me, I hadn't really even considered the effects the chemicals had on the environment. But then I came across this post about nine toxins that we should try to remove from the home.

Oh my. What an eye opener. I feel like I need to go through my cabinets and bathroom once again and throw out even more junk!

I have been reading lots lately. Maybe too much. But one thing I am going to do over the next few weeks to have a greener, toxin free home is invest in more houseplants. I have always said that I couldn't have many indoor plants because our home is surrounded by huge oak trees that provide shade in the spring and summer. But I am going to figure out a way to have more greenery in our home. Plants are excellent at purifying the air. Read more about that here and you'll probably feel the need to go out and purchase greenery for your home too!

How are you staying green and chemical free?


  1. I have about 40 houseplants. That helps some.

  2. Thanks for posting the link to that article. It was very interesting! Time to get rid of some things in my home as well.


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