Monday, March 25, 2013

Crafty Monday {Crochet Fun and Snow!}

It's spring, technically, but it's easy to forget with all the snow we've been having. I can't complain though since it has allowed me more time to read and crochet and hunker down in our cozy home as a family. School was closed today which meant playing outside and coming inside to hot tea and painting projects.

Taken while sitting on the front porch

I am finishing up two painted wood stars for a friend and the kids wanted to paint alongside me while I did so. It was kind of a disaster, but that's okay.

Yesterday when the snow began my little guy was pretending to be a pirate so I whipped up an eye patch for him. He insisted his red cowboy hat was a pirate hat. Right. Apparently pirates wear swim floaties too. :)  My daughter had requested a rainbow headband to match her friend, so I made one of those as well.

I also crocheted her a long sleeve cropped shrug. I had purchased enough yarn to make her a short sleeved shrug, but with the weather only forecasted to be in the fifties on Sunday, I thought I better make her something with long sleeves instead, but that meant I only had enough yarn to complete a cropped garment. It turned out better than I thought since I didn't have a pattern to follow, but I still plan on adding some edging to the back and sleeves.

I still need to make a shrug for myself, but what length and what style?! Eek. I better get crafting!

I hope you had a great Monday too. What are you crafting this week?

~ Sarah ~

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