Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Green {Easter Baskets}

I did it again, Not that it really matters, but I missed my thankful Tuesday post this week. Oops.

So just to sum up my week quickly: I am thankful for my family (as usual). I'm thankful for my friend Renee and the latest book she let me borrow. Oh my. That's all I have to say. Oh my. I'm thankful for Micah too. He's the best. Ever. And after nearly eleven years of being together, I still wake up each day thinking I am the luckiest girl in the world and he is the dreamiest man ever. I'm thankful for Easter and for the sacrifice that was made so that a sinner like me can go to Heaven one day.

Moving on. I'd like to think I'm pretty good about holiday-themed crafts with my kids, but I guess because of the cold temperatures and snow we've been having, I haven't felt like doing much for Spring or Easter. In fact, I only yesterday morning went out and gathered the items for my kids Easter baskets. Eek! I never wait that long!

In an effort to be kind to the planet and not buy a bunch of useless 'junk' that the kids don't need, I went for a 'green' approach to their baskets this year. Not as green as some blogging mama's out there, but I gave it a go...

First, these are the same baskets that they have had for the last four years, and I'll probably use them for as long as I continue to do Easter baskets. I also did not use that plastic grass to fill the bottom of the basket either. Instead I used green construction paper and raffia, both of which can be re-used for other projects later.

I also went with a gardening theme this year. My kids love to work in the garden with me and last year I gifted them their own shovel and seeds for Easter. This year, I gifted them with their own indoor plant that they can care for (in theory), and also there own seed packets again. They'll enjoy caring for and harvesting their own vegetables (I think) and I hope that each of them having a plant in their room to care for will help teach a little responsibility and help clean the air for them. This is my hope anyway.

I did buy some bubbles for them, but I will keep the bottles and we'll just re-fill them. I also had to buy more sand toys. The dogs chewed up most of the sand shovels from last year, so they needed to be replaced since the kids and I practically live at the lake in the summer. Sand toys are an absolute necessity.

Micah and I found a really neat little health food store about 30 miles away (which is close in country terms), and while they don't have a huge selection, they did have a small variety of eco-friendly organic candy that we purchased for the kids. With this whole 'Monsato Protection Act' thing that the president has signed, we are trying to be better about buying organic. And believe you me, our budget feels it too! But the fact that as consumers we are not able to know what is actually in the food that we are suppose to buy is an outrage! But that's a whole other post...

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend with your family! We will be sure to remind our kids of what Easter is really about though through all the egg hunts and baskets. Happy Easter everyone!

~ Sarah ~

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