Monday, April 1, 2013

Crafty Monday { Randomness...}

I hope ya'll had a great Easter. We sure did. It was raining so we had to have an indoor egg hunt, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

I wanted to try something a little different for my daughter's hair for Easter, which isn't particularly crafty, but that's all I have this week, so I'm going with it. Anywho,  I saw this neat twisty-type braid on a teenager a few weeks ago and I tried to recreate the look for Easter.

I took a section of hair in the front and pulled it over to the side and literally just twisted it and then secured it with a rubber band, then I separated the rest of her hair into three parts and begun to braid it over to one side while incorporating the twisted piece in the braid. I took out the hair tie and continued the braid until I reached the bottom. It was really quick and really easy and the braid held all day (the photo was taken at the end of the day!). This might be a new favorite of mine.

It is also my children's spring break, so we have the entire week off as a family.

I may or may not have a seven page honey-do list for my huth-band. :)

We begun that to-do list by working in the yard today. More mulch was brought in and I planted a few annuals. I am going to fill our property with as many flowers as I can afford in anticipation for our honey bees that we are bringing home next month. Yippee!

I gave the two rockers on our front porch a new coat of burgundy paint and then we rewarded our outdoor efforts by going to see 'The Croods'. It was a super cute movie. The perfect ending to a perfect spring day.

Stay crafty!

~ Sarah ~

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