Monday, May 6, 2013

Crafty Monday? Okay, Not Really... {Whole Wheat Brownies}

I did exactly NOTHING remotely crafty this weekend. And I'm not remotely sorry about it either. I keep meaning to crochet a beach tote for myself to house all of the kids stuff this summer when we go to the lake and the beach... but I just haven't gotten around to it (read, I took a nap instead). But I did make a few things, kitchen-wise, this weekend and I thought I'd share a recipe we tried.

I made our weekly batch of granola bars. We love these bars.

I made more wheat bread this weekend too. Micah has been getting on my case about buying bread from the store, and so I promised him I would be more diligent about making homemade bread on a more regular basis. We'll see how long this lasts....

I am always looking for new snacks to make/add to the kids lunches. I think it's important to pack their lunches each day, but I also don't want them to get sick of eating the same old, same old all the time.

So we made dark chocolate whole wheat brownies. They are so good! I'm positive I'll have to make another batch mid week as these suckers won't last till Friday, but that's okay. I don't mind my kiddies snacking on treats like these.

And, not that I am counting or anything, but we only have 19 more full days of school! We have a few half days at the end, but that's okay. I cannot wait to spend all summer with my babies!!! I have already begun to plan our weeks with peach picking, and blueberry picking, and dollar movies, and trips to North Carolina, and camping.... I can't wait! Now we just have to get through the next month before the fun begins. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Here is the site the brownie recipe came from. I will say that I like the way the brownies turned out, but this recipe doesn't make much. I think I should have doubled the batch for sure. I also nixed the coconut oil and replaced it with applesauce and they turned out just fine. Not that I am opposed to coconut oil, I just used it all up last week when I made goat milk soap. Oops. Next time we make these brownies, I'll be sure to have coconut oil on hand. Otherwise, I enjoyed this recipe, and I'll add this to the kids lunch rotation for sure.

I hope you enjoyed your Monday too!

~ Sarah ~

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