Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thankful Wednesday

I am thankful for my children's teachers! It's Teacher Appreciation Week so don't forget to thank a teacher because believe you me, they do more than we could ever imagine for our children. We have been so blessed by the teachers who have been involved in our children's lives. Because of them my kids LOVE school, love to learn, and altogether love to read.

What do they say.... if you can read, thank a teacher. If you can read in English, thank a Marine.

I'm thankful for smoking hot Marine. :)

I'm thankful my irises are in bloom.

I'm thankful for the salmon that gave their life so we could enjoy an AMAZING dinner last night.

And I'm thankful that my huth-band found a little lost puppy last night on his way home.

She was so stinking cute! We were able to find her owner and she came and picked her up, but on my, I've got puppies on the brain now....

I hope you had a great Wednesday too.

~ Sarah ~

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