Saturday, June 22, 2013

Remembering The Good Stuff { Overnight Irish Oatmeal}

How is your Saturday going so far?

We have had an amazingly fun, yet relaxing week. Summer is in full swing and I am loving it.

The chickens are growing like weeds. We purchased a different breed this time. They are not the Cornish Crosses we bought last time since they are a hybrid breed (they aren't very sustainable). The birds we bought this go around take a little longer to get to butcher weight, BUT they can also sustain themselves and reproduce. It seemed like a better way for us to go with the way we are trying to live.

One of 3 of our tractors

We do not free range our meat birds (I am too afraid to lose our meat to foxes or hawks) but we keep them in these handy tractors so they always have fresh grass and clover and an ample supply of insects. It also helps our lawn too as their litter is good for the soil and the grass grows back in dark and healthy after we move the birds off.

We had been swimming the past two days so we gave our skin a rest from the sun today and hit the library instead and then came home to....... bake. I could pretty much bake all day and everyday so whenever the kids tell me they are bored, I put them to work. :)

Either by cracking eggs and helping me bake...

...or shoveling up poo.

They prefer to help me bake.

I prefer them to shovel up poo.

My daughter cracked these the other morning for breakfast. The four eggs on the left are from the ducks. They are a tad larger, and it's hard to see in this photo, but they are bright orange relative to the bright yellow chicken eggs on the right. All our birds (except the meat birds) free range and we give them lots of food scraps so the eggs they provide for us are very healthy.

As I was looking through recipe books trying to decide what to bake, I happened upon the recipes my grandmother had written out for me. I'll be honest, I sat there and cried as I looked through the pages and read her words. I know she's in Heaven. But I miss her dearly. Last Saturday when I smashed my toe, for a split second I wanted to call her, but then I remembered she wouldn't be there to answer the phone. She would have appreciated my story though, being a nurse, she loved that kind of stuff. In fact one of the first conversations she had with Micah after we got married was about bowel movements. She was so funny that way.

Anyway, the kids and I made more black strap molasses cookies (not from her recipe book) and we decided that we would make her Overnight Irish Oatmeal. It's very easy and I can't believe I have never done this before. I had ordered some Steel Cut Irish Oats from an organic online source but had yet to use them. Now is as good of time as any, so thanks for the recipe grandma!

Overnight Irish Oatmeal

2 cup steel cut oats
6 cups of water
pinch of salt
Brown sugar to taste
honey to taste
3/4 cup of cream or milk

Butter your crockpot being sure to get all the sides. Then add the oats, water and salt. Cook on low overnight about 9-10 hours. Turn your crockpot off and add the brown sugar, honey and cream.

She said you could also add spices to taste, nuts, or fruit. We'll see what we decide to add in the morning before church. Below the recipe she wrote out, "Oats keep cholesterol down. Also keep you regular."

Gosh I miss you grandma. I'm enjoying remembering all the good stuff about you. :)

~ Sarah ~

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  1. I know how you feel. I so miss my Grandma. I used to call her every week and write every Sunday.


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