Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

I'm thankful for my little man today. I can't believe four years ago today I was in the hospital welcoming my third child.

And that was the most polite way I could think of to say that, rather than saying I was in the hospital pushing a bowling ball out of my hoo-ha.

Which is really what I was doing.


I'm thankful for a great weekend with family and friends while celebrating my little man's berf-day. My neighbor spoiled him rotten and gave him a Pepsi after he swam in the lake! A soda of all things!

And today, I gave him doughnuts for breakfast. I know, I know, it's horrible, but it was his birthday. And so there.

I'm thankful for such great friends. We haven't been here in this county long, but I am so happy here whether I'm at football practice, or cheer practice, or soccer, it's always good to hang out with good friends.

I'm thankful our neighbor cut one of our fields for hay and we put up square bales for the winter. Now let's see how long this lasts...

I'm thankful my other neighbor caught our horse today. Lucky was feeling, well a little lucky, and he has figured out how to open the gate and wander on down the road to visit neighboring horses! Oiy.

I'm thankful for laying hens. We put out all of our pullets this weekend. This brings our grand total to about 22 hens. Now if I could just get them to lay in the boxes!

I hope you had a great Tuesday, and I hope you are feeling as blessed as I am. :)

~ Sarah ~

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  1. Lol We had a neighbors horse come down the road to our house the other day too ~not long after that their cows followed !
    Happy B Day to your little one.


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