Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple Butter and a Fall Sweater

I'll tell you what, peeling and coring apples is a BIG task. I am happy to say that I have gone through three bags (one and a half bushels) and only have the bag of Golden Delicious left. The Nittany's have all been prepared to make apple butter. I only made a small batch the other night (I was just too tired to do anymore), but for now, the Nittany's await in the chest freezer for me to churn up more butter.

The Golden Delicious will become applesauce and with some of the applesauce, I'll make fruit roll-ups for the kids with my trusty dehydrator. I also set aside a fair amount to be turned into baked goods: muffins, coffee cake, and pie.

My younger two kiddies even helped me with the whole process. As I was peeling, my daughter was stirring the apple butter. And somewhere in the midst of all the apple processing, I managed to start my daughter's Fall sweater. I am working from the bottom up, and as usual, I am just winging it, no pattern to speak of. One of these days, I'll buy and follow a sweater pattern. One of these days.

I just finished up making more laundry soap and have brewed myself a cup of my favorite tea.

The husband went to bed early and the kids are all fast asleep. I think I'll work more on the sweater and enjoy the quietness of my house. Good night all. :)

~ Sarah ~

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