Saturday, October 5, 2013

Football and Apples

Football and Apples. They just go together don't they?

Last night was Homecoming in our little county. And I think everyone in the county actually did in fact show up to the game. (Football is a big thing around here, can you tell?) My buddies and I and all our kids tailgate before the home football games, and we always have a blast. Big time. In fact by the end of the night my face is always sore from laughing so hard.

Out team won. By a lot. And we were having so much after the game that apparently we lost track of time because they shut the lights off on us!

We were at it bright and early again today for my son's tackle football game. And since it's October, we rocked out in pink in support of breast cancer awareness.

It was hot out there,  91 degrees on the field!, but my son managed to make two tackles and the girls did a great job cheering their hearts out.

After the game we went to  a local orchard and picked two bushels of apples. My mom and stepdad met us there and we had a blast.

But now I have to process all these darn apples into apple butter and applesauce...

It's been such a fun weekend thus far, and there's still more planned. Have I mentioned how much I love Fall?

Welp, happy Saturday to you.

~ Sarah ~

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