Sunday, November 17, 2013

Felted boot cuffs

I finished the boot cuffs I had started the other day after my trip to Goodwill in search of wool sweaters. I mentioned in my last post that I was disappointed with the lack of color I found and plan on heading out to a different thrift store to find more vibrant colors and patterns. I would like to make felted fingerless gloves as well as more boot cuffs. (And a million other things that I'll never have time to.)

I had crocheted around the edge of my daughter's but not mine and liked the way mine looked better so after taking this picture I pulled all her stitching out and am happy with how they turned out. Simple and blanket stitched.

Now I have the body of the sweater left and am thinking I'll make a few flowers with the felt and possibly a handbag. I took all the buttons off and have repurposed them onto crochet Christmas coffee warmers.

I'm also thinking I might get a bag for my hooks out of this too. My sweet and talented friend made this sewing kit for my daughter and she has inspired me to make a case for hooks so I can crochet when I travel.

After freezing my tail off at the high school football on Friday night (we won too, which means another week of practice for husband who coaches. Please note I was hoping they'd lose so I'd have my huth-band back) I decided I needed something chunky for my neck. I found this free pattern and love it. I didn't have as chunky of yarn as she used, but I'm happy with how mine turned out nonetheless.

I am also eyeing her chunky boot slippers too, but I have one more Redskin hat to make for my neighbor before I'll allow myself anymore projects.

My favorite hens roosting on the trailer

We had planned on butchering a few roosters this weekend, but my husband had a longer coaches meeting than expected and by the time he got home it would have been too late too start. So they live for another weekend! Our friend also came out to measure our field for fencing so as soon as Micah is finished with football season (ahem) we can fix our fencing. Yay!

I had a great weekend with friends and family and am loving this chilly weather (and the fact that Lifetime is already playing Christmas movies!). I hope you had a great weekend too. :)

~ Sarah ~

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