Saturday, November 9, 2013

Someone is 7!

My little girl turns 7 tomorrow on November 10th, which also coincidentally is the Marine Corps birthday. It's crazy to think I became a mom for the second time 7 years ago. It literally seems like just yesterday.

I couldn't imagine my life without her. She keeps me on my toes; there's never a dull moment with her. She's all girl, she's sweet, she's compassionate, but she can hold her own with her two brothers.

In lieu of a big party, she wanted a few friends over for a slumber party just like she did last year. She is all about sleepovers these days. And let me tell you, having four girls at the house is infinitely easier than having two boys! I sent the boys to their grandparents so they wouldn't bother the girls and even though I miss them dearly,  the dynamic between four females is so different than the rough housing that takes place between two boys.

So.... we went to the nail salon,

We went out for pizza,

We painted bird houses,

We watched a movie, we made bracelets, we had popcorn and hot chocolate and the girls are all building a fort upstairs as we speak.

It's been a great afternoon, I've had a blast, and I am so thankful for my daughter and her wonderfully well behaved friends. And if all that wasn't awesome enough, Micah got his first deer today of the season from his newly installed tree stand. Go hubby! I'm looking forward to eating meat again after we lost all the meat from our chest freezer.

On that note, Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you to the moon and back!

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