Friday, December 20, 2013

A Crafty Winter Day

This Christmas season has been pretty awesome thus far. It's been chilly and dark and dreary, perfect for all the cowls I've been making. Spending most of my life in sunny San Diego was amazing and all, but I welcome the change in seasons with open arms.

Yesterday was our first day off from school. I had to get up early and run a few errands with my daughter in tow while the boys slumbered at home. When we returned home my hubby was kind enough to take the kids with him to the gym while he worked out, so I could have a few hours to myself finishing up all my Christmas gifts (yes ALL) and the kids could get some energy out. I even had time this past weekend to make Katniss inspired cowls for my daughter and I.

Today we slept in! And it was everything I imagined it would be. Originally we had planned on butchering chickens, but Micah is putting up fence with a friend, so the kids and I cleaned out the coop, went for a nature walk in the woods, then came home to hot cocoa and some crafting.

Okay, so my almost nine year wasn't thrilled about that last part, but we are having a no TV or video game day, so he was kind of stuck.

I am finishing up a painted sign  (I can't photograph the whole thing, it's a gift for someone!) I started awhile ago that has taken a back seat to all my Christmas gift crocheting. The kids used watercolor to paint. I used acrylic.

I then made a quick erasable menu board. I made mine a little smaller, only because I happened to have an 8 by 11 frame on hand. Next week's dinner's are a little off since it's Christmas and we're traveling, but the week after, this little board should prove
very useful.

And I didn't put Sunday on the board since we have eggs and or breakfast every Sunday night. It's a tradition.

I had the kids help me go through their rooms and pull out items that they no longer play with so we could take them to Goodwill. I try and do this every year right before Christmas to reinforce the idea that this time of year is not about presents. I want them to grow up to be giving and thoughtful adults (which is very challenging in the social climate we live in). They were happy to do so, and I am happy to have a seemingly clutter free home for a few days.

A mean game of Uno followed suit, and tonight I am bringing all my kids in the kitchen to help with dinner. They have requested 'that egg thing you made the other night'. The Yankee Spoiler. :)

I hope your winter days are as happy and peaceful as mine.

~ Sarah ~

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